About me.

Hello. My name is Gert and i'm in love with music, who isn't?
Currently I'm still a student, I've got two dogs, one girlfriend ( just one ) and I play in three bands. I like movies, pizza, good looking websites and pushing little kids off their bikes.

I study graphic design in Mariakerke, but I've got this odd feeling you might already know that!

//My bands.

The Heist


Rocktrio hailing from Wetteren and my longest running band yet. We bring a mix of grungerock, punkrock, postrock, stonerrock and basically everything rock. Our sound is still in development but we're getting there!

  • Vocals & Guitar / Niels Verstraeten
  • Drums / Yannick De Sloovere
  • Bass & Guitar / Myself


Progressive Sludge

My most recent project, but that doesn't mean it's the least promising! We're just getting started but the first songs are coming together quite nicely.

  • Guitar / Sander Vergote
  • Guitar / Wannes Kerckhove
  • Drums / Simon Vandamme
  • Bass / Myself

Redwood Valley

Stoner Rock

More or less just a bunch of dudes stuck together in a garage, Redwood Valley is all about just rolling with the punches. Rather than actual songs our repertoire mainly consists of a few themes that are executed differently everytime they're played.

  • Vocals / Cedric Haegeman
  • Guitar / Thierry De Zutter
  • Bass / Evert Amssoms
  • Guitar / Myself

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